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Hunters Land Management 

Hunters Land Management (HLM) LLC. is a company based out of Montgomery, AL. At HLM, we strive to keep our company motto first. "Science. Management. Conservation." We are an environmental company who keeps the conservation of nature as a priority. Through cutting-edge science and technology, we can implement strategies and complete services for customers that will both benefit them and the environment. Many properties are mismanaged, which harms property values, habitat, and wildlife. By using our services, we will use our knowledge to develop a plan for proper habitat, wildlife, and timber management. This will increase your property's aesthetics and overall value. We will also be able to implement many of these services for you with our own equipment, saving you time and money. We will also work with customers to develop a plan that best suits their wants and needs. 

Business Owner 


Owner Hunter Johnson has a Bachelor Degree in Science (General Biology with a focus in Environmental Science) from Auburn University at Montgomery. He has knowledge in wildlife science and habitat science. He has experience in food plot preparation and planting, herbicide spraying, land management, hunting skills for various wildlife, aquatic biology and management. Certified as a CPBM (Certified Prescription Burn Manager), Drone pilot and Commercial Herbicide application. 


Website Designer/Independent Contractor

Benjamin Jones has a Bachelor Degree from Auburn University Montgomery in Business Administration. Website designer, part-time employee, and Part 107 Drone Pilot Certified. He also has knowledge in equipment operation, technological expertise, and marketing. 


Marketing Stragetist/Social Media Operator


Lauren Grace McGee has a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL. She has experience in leading and operating social media/announcement operations, as well as great knowledge in the sciences. She is the chief operator of all social media and public HLM advertisements. 

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