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Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is a very important aspect to any land holder's holdings. Maintaining roads keeps access to the property easy and safe, allows for the easier (and cheaper) installation of firelines or breaks, and greatly enhances your properties financial and aesthetic values. 

HLM offers several basic road maintenance services. These services will help keep your property in optimal condition and allow for much easier access. We will also restore roads that have "gotten away" from land holders and have become completely overwhelmed with tree and limb growth. 

Some of the services that we offer concerning road maintenance are listed below:
  • Road scraping and leveling (with dozer) 
  • Insertion of water breaks and drainage outlets 
  • Road erosion control 
  • Trimming of limbs  
  • Spraying herbicide on tree limbs 
    • This is much like they do on roadways 
  • General road repair (complexity of project must be evaluated beforehand)
** Can subcontract any dozer work that needs to be done. 
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