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Agriculture UAV Analyzation


UAV's in Agriculture

Drones, or UAVs, are a wonderful tool in helping farmers grow better crops with greater data. By using drones and certain software such as DroneDeploy, Agrisoft and general aerial photography, we can tell farmers more about their crops in a matter of seconds, no matter how large the acreage. 


Some of the data we can offer is: 


  •  Plant Health 

  • Fertilizer recommendations 

  • Irrigation needs and excesses 

  • Field washing 

  • Dead zones in fields 

  • Possible diseases from different pests and how to treat it

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What Makes Us Different

Unlike many UAV Services in our area, we offer Agriculture services with an actual background in Agriculture. HLM is certified in pesticide application for all chemicals related to the agriculture field. Couple that with our background in Biology and past experience in agriculture, we can not only offer technical services but practical solutions. 

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