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Herbicide Application

HLM can provide services to a wide range of customers who need herbicide use on their property. 




  • Fence-Line cleanup and maintenance spray

  • Pasture Application to promote grass health and eliminate weeds/bushes

  • Chufa Application for competition-free growth 

  • Summer Plot Application for increased health and success by eliminating competition

  • Road Maintenance 

  • Foliage elimination 

  • Crop Applications 

  • Right-of-way Maintenance 

Ask about Liquid Fertilizer Application







Services will be done by licensed and trained professionals. All equipment spraying will be charged hourly or per acre, dependent on the job. Some application will be done by hand and some with heavier equipment and spray booms. Different chemicals will apply. 


Please contact us or call us for more information regarding this service and for a price estimate. 


Many Herbicide applications are done every year in the agricultural industry. They can promote the success of target species of plants and suppress unwanted pests. Many pesticides, however, are dangerous and restricted to the general public. By using our services, we can get many pesticides cheaper than the general market and purchase products not available to the general public that will have a much greater effect than general use pesticides. 

Many pesticides are also used improperly, causing irreversible harm to you, your family, and the ecosystem around you. By choosing HLM, you not only get great service but get safe and proper service with each application we perform.


We are also fully licensed and insured to cover any incidents or damages. 

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