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Food Plots

Food plots are one of the greatest improvments a land owner can make when chasing white-tail deer, turkey, dove, and quail. 

HLM offers a variety of services to create the best green-fields for your budget. Through trial-and-error, research, proper planting and many other factors, HLM can create the perfect food plot for your soil and what game animals you are chasing. 


  • Mowing existing grass stands before tillage 

  • Burning existing weeds and grass for easier tillage and to return nutrients to the soil

  • Spraying pre-emergents on weeds and grass for better food plot success (especially for summer plots)

  • Bottom Plowing and/or harrowing (with 3 pt. disc and bottom plow)

  • Cultivation of fields for row planting 

  • Broadcasting seed and fertilizer 

  • Cultipacking seed for higher germination rate (when applicable) 

  • Row planting with seed drill and/or row planter 

  • No-Till drill food plots

  • Herbicide and Pesticide treatments 

  • Overlay with nitrogen (on appropriate crops) 

  • Lime addition

  • Soil Testing

  • Inoculation of legumes

These services will be done by our own equipment and personnel. We recommend that all customers complete a soil test prior to planting all plots. If you would like us to do a soil test for you, please inform us and we shall begin proceedingHLM will perform proper soil tests for you, package it, ship it to Auburn, read the results, and give you the results plus explanations of what the form means and what to do. 

Food plot design is also available as a service. HLM can design a food plot for you that we believe best fits your area's need and to adequately supplement the animals in which you intend to hunt. Food plot design include:

  • The addition of screens to make more mature bucks enter food plots 

  • Proper food plot placement for best results 

  • Best crops to plant in your food plot for deer, turkey, dove and waterfowl 

  • Appropriate planting manner to yield best results 

  • Shape of the food plot and size determination 

Suggestions for food plots and basic packages that HLM currently offers can be seen below. By filling out the forms above, e-mailing us or calling for an appointment, HLM can discuss the best food plot design for you and plant the food plot with our own equipment and employees to save you time. 

White-Tail Deer Food Plots

Cold Season Food Plot Packages

Basic Package:

  1. Coker Oats 

  2. Seed Wheat 

  3. Crimson clover 

  4. Austrian Winter Peas

Advanced Package 

  1. Buck Forage Oats 

  2. Seed Wheat 

  3. Crimson Clover 

  4. Ladino Clover 

Deluxe Package 

  1. Buck Forage Oats 

  2. Seed Wheat 

  3. Austrian Winter Peas 

  4. White Clover 

  5. Triticale

  6. Red Clover (or Arrowleaf)

  7. Crimson Clover 

Wet-Field Package 

  1. Seed Wheat 

  2. Alfalfa

  3. White Clover 

  4. Turnips

  5. Arrowleaf Clover 

Warm Season Food Plots Packages 

Basic Package 

  1. Iron & Clay Peas (cowpeas)

  2. Grain Sorghum 

  3. Soybeans 

Advanced Package 

  1. Iron & Clay Peas 

  2. Peredovik Sunflowers 

  3. Forage Soybeans 

  4. Grain Sorghum 

Deluxe Package 

  1. Iron & Clay Peas 

  2. Forage Soybeans 

  3. Sunn Hemp

  4. Peredovik Sunflowers 

  5. Rows of corn with I&C peas mixed in

Wild Turkey Food Plots 

Perennial Clover Plots 

  1. Ladino (White) Clover

  2. Red Clover 

Chufa Plots 

  1. Chufa seed 

  2. *Can be overseeded with clover after growing is finished

** Chufa is a turkey magnet. Only chufa needs to be planted in order to bring in large amounts of turkeys from around the area. 


Dove & Waterfowl Field Planting

Dove & Duck Field Crops

Numerous crops can be planted for season-round hunting. Pertaining to your budget, you may only choose certain crops from the ones listed below:

  1. Grain Sorghum (either grazing or grain)

    • Non-grazing is much more expensive ​

  2. Brown-Top Millet 

  3. Corn

  4. Sunflowers 

  5. Regular millet 

  6. Seed Wheat

  7. Sesame Seed

Implementing a watering hole into a dove field can be very helpful. 

Small rocks for graveling can be an attractant. 

HLM can also add a cable line (much like a power line) across a field to give doves a lighting option. 

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