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Consultation Services

Consultation services are offered to maximize your property's financial value, wildlife potential, habitat potential and better overall hunting or fishing success. By receiving these services, you will better understand the biological systems of your property and how they can affect various aspects of your land. Please read the services below to help select the services that best fit your needs. Each service can be customized for your desires. Also, please consult with us about government programs that can be free to you or even MAKE YOU MONEY to improve your land!


Property Management 

This consultation service involves both terrestrial and aquatic services. All evaluations will be done with scientific equipment and will come with a fully typed report. 

Habitat Consultation

HLM can design habitat alterations to make a huge impact on your property value and hunting success. 

Wildlife Consultation 

Wildlife management is the key feature of creating a hunting paradise. HLM will explain to you the biology behind your game animals of interest and provide you with a detailed map on how to optimize wildlife health, reproduction and development. 

Drone Analyazation 

Analyzation via drone is one of our most useful tools for consultation services. Read more in order to see the many ways our drone services can aid you improve your property, 

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