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Property Management

Whole property consultation focuses on various features your property has and combines them to create a "big picture" analysis. HLM will custom-create a design specifically for your property. Our designs can improve your hunting and fishing success. It can also increase your biota as a whole as well, creating a much more suitable habitat for optimal wildlife health and promoted growth. 

By focusing on terrestrial and aquatic features separately, we can give you a better design. You will provide us with your areas on interest (wildlife, timber, fishing, etc.) and we will create a design for you that benefits you, your land, and its inhabitants. Some of the areas of focus can be seen below: 



  • Water quality testing

  • Demand for a water source 

  • Safety around water sources for wildlife use 

  • Organisms growing in or near the water source 

  • Unwanted species near the water and how to eradicate them safely

  • Addition of watering holes around a property for wildlife use

  • Dissolved oxygen 

  • Alkalinity 

  • pH

  • Stream condition 

  • Prescribed Burning 

  • Food plot design and composition 

  • Wildlife health 

  • Insertion of trails 

  • Clearing land for better access for humans and wildlife 

  • Addition of various food sources (trees, mineral stations, feeders) 

  • Where to place wildlife food sources 

  • Optimal game camera locations 

  • Artificial scrapes and rubs 

How We Make Data Useful 

What the data collected from these services will provide is all of the information needed to design your property to reach its maximum potential. By examining various topographical, habitat and wildlife factors, we will be able to create a design for your land. 

Each design will come with a custom typed report form that is easy to follow. Each will display suggestions based off the data we collected on the above topics, along with the data.


We will also give you a detailed map with satellite imagery taken from our drone, plus a 3-D model of the property.  

You may contact us with any questions regarding your report. We will gladly consult with you in our office, on the phone, or at your residence. We will work with you to develop the plan you want that will best benefit your land. 

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