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Habitat Consultation

The composition of a habitat in any given area is the single most important factor for daily life of wildlife. The habitat contains the food, water and shelter for a wide variety of wildlife. A single tract of land will usually have several types of habitats, each with its own unique traits, which provide for critical needs. It is also important to have a diverse habitat to better support many species and each of their different needs. 

Mismanagement is common, which can lower your hunting success and devalue your land. HLM cannot completely construct habitat, but we can offer small changes that will create a large impact:

Some of the information we would cover in our report can be seen below:



  • Customer information and property information 

  • Wildlife of interest 

    • This is so we can tailor our service to your specific needs 

  • Diversity of the habitat 

  • Quality of food, water and shelter habitat areas 

    • This would involve water testing, analyzation of food quality and quantity

  • Creating an interactive map that traces each different habitat on your property

    • Each section on the map will have details, data, and suggestions for changes​

  • Results of data collected and an explanation of those results 

  • Soil testing and soil mapping 

The data will be assembled and categorized for the report. Each report will contain specific information, along with a big picture goal for your land. All reports will be tailored to the customer's desires, with our opinions and suggestions inputed as well. 

HLM always places the environment first. We will always strive to protect the environment, while naturally growing your habitat and wildlife potential. 

For any questions, please contact us. 


If you would like to receive our services, please fill out the form below so we can better understand your personal and property information and goals so we can give you better service. 

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