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Liquid Fertilizer Application

HLM can provide liquid fertilizer applications for a variety of uses. Whether this is for food plots, residential lawns, gardens, or agricultural field, we have the equipment necessary to apply it. 

Liquid vs. Granular

The benefits of liquid fertilizer compared to granular are numerous. While you should use granular when incorporating into the soil before planting fields, the liquid variant can be used as soon as the field springs from the ground. Since liquid fertilizer does NOT require rain to be soaked in, it surpasses its granular counterpart immediately. Instead, the fertilizer is soaked in through the leaves and directly into the plant, having a much higher impact on the plant than granular. 

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The following services are ones we currently offer: 

  • Liquid Fertilizer for Food Plots 

    • Gardens ​

    • Lawns 

    • Some Agricultural needs

  • Application is done with either a 25-gallon tank with a  boom, a 90-gallon tank with a boom or a 45-gallon tank with a 30-foot boomless nozzle.

Advantages of Liquid Fertilizer for Deer

During the winter months, when the rut is on-going, bucks crave calcium. With most of their food sources depleted due to the cold weather and freezing temperatures, these minerals are in low supply. By using a Liquid fertilizer with minerals such as calcium already mixed in, the mineral will be soaked into the food plot leaves and be ready for consumption by bucks. This need for calcium will drive them to the plots, even when they shouldn't be exposed, such as in daylight hours. Not only that, the minerals will be inputted into their skeletal system, where they pull their minerals for during rack development. Studies have shown, the more calcium, the larger the racks. 

  • Liquid Fertilizer is cheaper than granular, therefore making our services much cheaper and affordable 

  • Does not require rain to soak in 

  • Will not burn crops if applied properly 

  • Can be mixed with pesticides to eradicate unwanted plants but stimulate desired vegetation, saving you even more money and less running over fields

Call us today in order to receive information regarding this service. We will be glad to consult with you and set up an appointment as soon as you are available. 

Other Advantages 

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