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Land Pre-Purchase Review

What We Do

Land Pre-Purchase Review is a unique service that HLM offers. This service is offered to benefit any soon-to-be land purchasers, whether that is to buy or to lease. Often times, a small review of the land is done before buying. However, leasing, and even more so for purchasing, is expensive. 

That is why by contacting HLM, we can offer you a land pre-purchase review. Essentially what we will do is do a thorough review of the property of interest. We can also have it surveyed, however this will be sub-contracted out since we currently do not possess an official surveyor or license to do so. 


  • Habitat quality for deer, turkey, quail, ducks, and other game animals of interest 

    • Habitats will be graded and put into categories, each with its own unique suggestions for improvment​

  • Prescribed Fire advice or consulation

  • Broad assessment of game animals on the land tract and their amount ​​

  • A topographic map with basins and streams labeled and explained 

  • Amount and location of water on the property

  • Complete map of land with streams, ponds, wetlands, hardwood drains, pine forests and other terrestial and aquatic features 

  • Soil types for various parts around the property and a complete soil test 

  • Game animal and management potential 

    • This will be assigned a grade based on many factors. ​

  • Suggested layout plan for property such as food plots, camera locations, bedding areas, timber management areas, hunting advice

  • Stream Water quality testing

  • Drone Survey of land with a complete land layout with aerial photography and a 3D image. 

    • Drone information can also analyze habitat type, health of forests, water sources, crop information, etc. See Drone Analyzation Service for more information. 

If you wish us to review another aspect of the property that we have not listed, still contact us with the question and we will see if we are capable of giving you acceptable data on your suggestion. We have a wide range of equipment and knowledge, so please contact us on any environmental or conversational subject you wish to have reviewed

We ask that all customers who are wanting more information to contact us. If you would like to use our services, please fill out the form located below and read any other additional information.

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