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Pine Beetle Search

Why It's Important

Every year, millions of dollars are lost in the timber industry due to Pine Beetle damage. If you own pine tree plantations, it is imperative you keep a watchful eye on this. By allowing us to routinely survey your property in a matter of minutes, we can identify infestations and determine the type of beetle damage so you can treat it immediately.


High-resolution imagery and video recording can pinpoint even the smallest infestation, saving you both time and money. 


What We Need


How We Do It 

We can either fly your property on a one-time basis or set up a routine schedule. 

By opting for routine, we can let you know the minute you have an infestation and can even help treat it via our other services. Year-round inspections are important. Even though Pine Beetles are dormant during the winter months, finding small infestations in large pine forests can lead to winter treatment, which will lead to much less harm than finding an infestation in the warm season.  


Drone 3.PNG

All we need is a take-off location and a way to access the location if you choose to have routine service done. If you wish, you may be present during the flight, or, we can fly the property and send you the images and the results of the scan. 

In order to receive pricing and an estimation of your specific job, please either contact us on the number provided on the website or submit a request form by clicking on the link below. You will hear back from us within a day. 

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