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General Land Management

General Land Management and Year-Round Management Plans really bring together what HLM is about. Land management allows you to choose from any of our services regarding land and consultation and incorporate them onto your property.  If everyone is to take part in these services, or ones similar, we will begin to reclaim Alabama's extremely biodiverse ecosystem and restore this state's natural beauty. It will also increase the hunting success, size and health of the target species, and begin to improve hunting for everyone in the Southeast. 

Year-Round Property Maintenance 

We will offer complete, year-round property care. What this means is we will handle all basic and important factors your property needs on a year-round basis. This will come with a custom-made book specifically for your property. It will detail what we believe you need to do during the year, on a month by month basis, in order to achieve the result that you desire. This will optimize your land’s potential and create a better habitat for you to hunt on. It will also greatly increase your property’s financial value by having a working and effective system in place. If you are limited on time, HLM will set up a schedule for you and we will complete all of these tasks as the time comes. An example of a schedule can be seen below
Managing your property is an essential part of being a land owner. If done correctly, you will see larger deer, more turkey, larger flocks of dove and waterfowl, and maybe even the reintroduction of quail. 
Proper management can be done by us, leading to you seeing larger deer, healthier fawns, more wild turkey poults, and you will have greater success in hunting. 
Not only do we do year-round maintenance, we also have a wide variety of land services for you to choose from: 
  • Prescribed Burning 
  • Pond Management
  • Food Plot planting, care and evaluation 
  • Drone Analyzation
  • Road Maintenance 
  • Mowing
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Setting up deer stands
  • Cleaning deer box blinds 
  • Setting up hunting tents 
  • Applying herbidices
  • Distributing game cameras and monitoring them in the proper manner (scent free and quiet)
  • Communicating where the deer are and where to possibly hunt them 
  • Establishing mineral stations 
  • Creating an interactive map of your property so you can see deer images, where to hunt, where mineral stations are, etc. 
  • Creating and establishing turkey hunting zones 
  • Preparing dove fields with plants and other features (fake power lines, etc.)
  • Planting trees optimized for wildlife benefit
  • Soil testing 
  • Lime addition (to ponds and fields)
  • Anything you want!
While the services above are inclusive, services can be created and added or subtracted for a specific service or a year-round maintenance plan. We will suggest to you services that we believe best suit your needs once we have discussed the plan with you. 
Please fill out the proper form in order to receive the an initial consultation. It will give us a better understanding of your wants and needs, along with saving you time and money. 
Each of the services seen in the example plan here was made for a specific property. That is why we are ahead of other companies. We will design a plan that is custom made for you. We will do on-site evaluations and consult with you before, during, and after the plan is complete. After the plan is done, you will receice a personalized book for your property that you can keep and use for decades to come.
Following the plan and adding services as they come will greatly enhance your property. It will create a better ecosystem, habitat, and generate a higher and healthier wildlife population.
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