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Wildlife Consultation


Wildlife of Interest

Enhancing wildlife on a customer's property may seem complicated, but by altering specific biotic and abiotic features, it becomes quite simple. By understanding the features of each biological system throughout a property, we can enhance specific attributes about them (antlers, body size, population). 

The wildlife included in this list include: 

  • Whitetail deer 

  • Turkey 

  • Dove 

  • Quail

  • Waterfowl

However, our knowledge is not limited to only these organisms. Feel free to request information and suggestions on various wildlife. 

When altering wildlife and their various features, altering their habitat is an essential tool. Read more about that in our habitat consultation.  

After surveying the property, we would asses the data and give suggestions. These suggestions would come with detailed explanations from the data we collected. We would work with you to come up with the best plan possible that best suits your needs and promotes wildlife health and success

Some of the alterations and improvements we would make can be seen below: 


  • Improved fawn recruitment through habitat changes 

  • Improving shelter for better protection 

  • Enhancing herd health 

  • Managing whitetail deer for a better class of mature bucks 

  • Food Plot improvements 

  • Other browse to improve all wildlife health 

  • Addition of minerals to their diets 

  • Analyzation of their current diet

  • Suggestions for thermal sheltering 

  • Effects of changes you want to make to your land on the wildlife

  • Increased whitetail body and antler size 

  • Increased wild turkey size 

  • Population of game animals on your land 

  • Better protein levels 

  • Improving water sources 

Many of these ideas and consultation methods will vary greatly depending on the customer and their needs. Our knowledge is detailed in a variety of different aspects of wildlife biology. Please contact us or submit the form below to get a detailed report for your property. 

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