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Basic Summer Blend

The Basic Summer Blend combines affordability and results to create a summer plot that is easy to manage and simple to plant without breaking the bank. 

This package includes: 

  • Iron & Clay Peas (Cowpeas) 

  • Grain Sorghum 

  • Soybeans 

While the ingredients are few, the results are many. The Grain Sorghum is added sparsely simply to provide a stalk for support. Meanwhile, the Iron & Clay Peas and Soybeans contain large amounts of protein for deer development and rack enhancement during the critical summer development months. Also, since this is the time of year when fawns are born, it can provide a critical food source for future herd development. 

This summer plot seed mix can prove very effective. However, as with every summer plot mix, weeds can be an issue. Contact us or review our recommended herbicide application for control of these broadleaf weeds or grasses. 

If you do not have the equipment necessary to apply these herbicides, review our various land services for food plot planting and herbicide application. 

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