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Basic Blend 

While this might be our basic blend of seed, do not be fooled. This blend optimizes quality at a reduced cost. This blend is found in most traditional seed blends but at a much higher price. It will attract whitetail deer during the winter and Turkey during the spring. 

This blend consists of: 

  • Coker Oats 

  • Seed Wheat 

  • Crimson Clover 

  • Austrian Winter Peas 

  • Rye grass

Note: This seed mix should be planted with a cultipacker for best results. Also, Crimson Clover should be bought in addition to what is contained inside the bag for top-seeding the field. This will result in best germination rates. 

Rye grass seed is added to enhance

survivability during harsh freezes. Wheat and Oats can suffer during a harsh freeze. To reduce the stress on these plants during their recovery, rye was added in order to supply food during this process. 

This seed mix will work in a variety of different soils found throughout the Southeast. 

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