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Buck Blend

The Buck Blend Seed Package comes with a high-protein diet in mind. The contents of this seed mix are designed to help keep winter food plots safe from hard freezes. These contents include: 

  • Buck Forage Oats 

  • Awnless Wheat 

  • Crimson Clover 

  • Austrian Winter Peas

  • Ladino Clover

With nutrition in mind, high quality seeds are blended together to give hunters a high quality green field while also improving herd health. 

Once deer season is over and spring arrives, Turkeys will be found feeding on the various clovers found in these food plots. 

This seed blend will help in: 

  • Buck development 

  • Increased fawn health 

  • Protein intake and increased body size 

  • Attraction of wild game to any area of interest

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