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Drone Imaging & Mapping

HLM will provide various services via drone for farmers, personnel in forestry, customers interested in land reviews, real estate or any customer wishing to use our services. 

With this service, customers will be able to review land in 2D and 3D models, view data on forests, crops and wildlife habitat and health. HLM uses a service called DroneDeploy, who analyzes large amount of data captured from our drones in order to bring you all the information you need. Other services that will be available can be seen below: 



  • 3D images of property or a property of interest

  • Pine Beetle Search

    • We can routinely scan your property year-round in order to locate and treat pine beetle infestations quickly before ample damage occurs​

  • ​Agriculture ​

    • Estimate crop yields for entire fields ​

    • Assess crop damage 

    • Scan fields for parasites and fungi 

    • Plan drainage and evaluate irrigation success or issues 

    • Estimate crop health in various areas 

  • Forestry 

    • Total tree counts​

    • Different habitat zones 

    • Burning recommendations and analyzation

  • Real Estate imagery for both land and homes

  • 2D Aerial Photography -- Extremely high-resolution aerial photography that far exceeds satellite imagery

  • Interactive maps and 360 maps of a designated zone 

$100 minimum - $65 per hour after first hour has been completed

Good estimation: 100 acres per 30 minutes on ideal conditions. Some time will also be needed for completing the service after initial flight has taken place. 


FAA Certified Pilot, Commercial Drone Registration Completed.  

Services will be done by trained professionals who are certified to do so. Drone analyzation requires certification and should be done by trained and certified professionals. 

To inquire about HLM Drone Service, please call, e-mail, or send in an inquiry to our office for quotes, interest or application questions. 

We will be glad to service you as soon as possible. All HLM drone analyzations come with a fully typed report detailing all important data and what it means for what your specified interest is. 

Pricing Information

Pine Beetle Search

If you would like, please view the below video to see what software we use and what many of its capabilities are. 

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