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Food Bar Blend

The Food Bar Blend is the ultimate choice in HLM Summer Plot choices. These fields are specially designed to grow well in the Southeastern climate and common soil types. This blend will help create a new natural forage item for bucks. It will greatly increase their protein levels, which will stimulate body and rack development. By adding this seed blend to your property, you can help achieve a better class of bucks throughout your property and the Southeast. 

Contents of this seed blend include: 

  • Iron & Clay Peas 

  • Forage Soybeans 

  • Sunn Hemp

  • Peredovik Sunflowers 

  • Grain Sorghum

While the Sunn Hemp and Sunflowers provide cover for plants to mature, the Soybeans and Iron & Clay peas will provide large amounts of protein for highly increased development.

  • Increased rack development can be expected 

  • Increased fawn health 

  • Increased herd health 

  • Increased general size and class of deer

  • Larger diversity of forage items 

By implementing the Food Bar Blend and the winter Deluxe Plot blend, you can shape food sources behind your deer management goals and create an outstanding deer population. 

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