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Pond Management

Why It's Important

Pond Management is an extremely complex and intricate part of owning a pond stocked with game fish, or simply having a water source located on your land. Evaluators must understand bodies of water on a microorganism scale, macroorganism scale, and understand how factors such as the environment, weather patterns, biotic and abiotic features influence a pond's health and success. Many fish ponds are highly mismanaged, leading to an unbalanced ecosystem on the vertebrate and invertebrate levels. To properly maintain a fish pond, or even to have a healthy water source for other organisms (regardless if body of water is stocked or non-stocked), various tests requiring scientific equipment and knowledge of aquatic ecosystems is needed.


That is why we offer a service that analyzes numerous amounts of data in a pond that are both for: success of stocked fish and quality of the water. 

The factors that we analyze in ponds are listed below (but are not limited to):

  • pH of water 

  • Opacity (used for fertilizer recommendations) 

  • Seining and evaluating fish for pond balance analyzation 

  • Recommending structure addition for better fish habitat 

  • "Weeding" the pond and treating aquatic weeds

  • Suggesting stock additions or harvest data and time tables 

  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) measurements 

    • Also suggestions if a mechanical aerator (fountain) is needed​

  • Finding alkalinity 

  • Ambient average temperature 

  • Construction of the pond assessment and evaluation 

  • Mapping the pond's watershed 

  • Suggesting addition of terrestial species (both plant and animal) to enhance your pond and its surrounding ecosystem

Once we have completed the evaluation, customers will receive full, typed reports with images, scans, data, and suggestions for the analyzation done. We will provide all suggestions after the data, with full and explained reasoning to why we have suggested it, along with potential benefits you will receive from the suggestions. 

Along with Pond Analyzation, HLM will offer services to fulfill proper pond management as well: These Include, but are not limited to : 

  • Proper fertilizer addition 

  • Lime addition 

  • Installing fertilizer platforms 

  • Applying herbicides (as a last resort) 

  • "Weeding" all aquatic weeds 

  • Making stock additions

  • Installing aerators 

  • Planting trees/plants that are beneficial to the pond and surrounding wildlife 

  • Planting sod strip to keep contaminants from reaching your pond

  • Routine testing 

We ask that all customers please fill out forms before requesting our service. That way, we will be able to better understand your pond's history, potential problems, and have relevant data so we can have a more complete evaluation. 

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