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Protein Blend

The Protein blend has one major objective in mind: Protein. During the summer months, plenty of foraging items are available to white-tail deer. However, not all of these items are not protein rich. This is why in Alabama, we do not have the same class of bucks as other places in the nation. Our natural food is lacking in essential minerals for increased rack and body development. 
This blend includes: 
  • Iron & Clay Peas 
  • Peredovik Sunflowers 
  • Forage Soybeans 
  • Grain Sorghum 
By planting these crops, protein consumption will occur. These crops are highly palatable to deer and have high amounts of protein contained in them. 
While deer most often consume soybeans before they are capable of growing well, forage soybeans will continue to grow throughout the summer. The Sunflowers and Grain Sorghum will give these plants support, as well as hide them until they are mature. 
By planting these fields, you will be helping to change the natural diet of Southeastern bucks, creating a higher standard of deer. 
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