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Land Services 

At HLM, we offer various land services that enhance customer's property to create optimal habitats for wildlife and plant health. We accomplish this by use of various technologies, equipment and knowledge to provide superior services that will improve property environmentally, recreationally and financially. 

Consultation Services 

Various consultation services are available to help land owners or lease holders implement proper land and wildlife management practices. All consultation services come with a fully-typed report detailing various habitats, wildlife and water qualities, along with any changes we recommend. 

Environmental Specialists 

Services will be provided by HLM employees who have sufficient and credited knowledge in biological or environmental sciences (degree/trained). All services rendered are done with the customer's goals, environmental protection and land sustainability as a top priority. 

To locate our services, please use the tabs above to navigate to our service menu. 


Office hours are from 7 am - 7 pm.


(334) 303-3443



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