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Products custom created by HLM are built for quality and functionality. We do not cut corners to create a better profit. Instead, we take pride in building our products with high quality and will continue to serve you long after purchase.
Please check back often as new products are under development currently!

Custom HLM Products

View our various seed mixes for summer and winter time planting. With these packages, you can transform your property's habitat and wildlife structure. 

Hand built and custom designed for comfort, functionality and durability. You will not find a box blind with this class of construction for this price on the market. 

While most Mineral Blocks contain large amounts of attractants and fillers, HLM Mineral Blocks contain essential nutrients for rack development, attractants, protein and a low amount of salt for better development. 

Feeders can enhance a property's habitat and wildlife population. By purchasing one of our feeders, you are giving feed to wildlife on a routine basis, creating a more desirable habitat. 

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