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Drone Photography

Drones have been taking over so many things in this world. We here at HLM are using them for aerial photography of land. This process is fast and affordable.


While drones are commonly used today in many different aspects of Real Estate and construction, land uses for drones is not as explored as these frontiers. At HLM, we offer drone services for a variety of reasons, as can be seen throughout our website. In fact, drones come into play in almost ALL of our services.

Habitat Analyzation is one of the many uses our Phantom 4 Pro gives us. Relying on dated satellite imagery is convenient, but also much less reliable. With logging practices, prescribed burning, insect damage and erosion potential, a habitat can change in a matter of years, whereas satellite imagery can take 5-10 years to update. By using our drones, we can see the current habitat, in much higher detail than satellite imagery, in minutes.

By being able to map such large areas in matters of minutes, we can begin to analyze and develop a plan for large pieces of property that would take days to analyze on foot. This information allows us to select areas of interest for on-foot inspections. This saves us time and our customers money.

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